Z E L L H A U S is roughly translated to the house of Z E L L E. When wearing pieces from our collection we are inviting you into our home, our minds eye, our vision.
We gather inspirations from the art  theories and movements such as popism, abstraction, art deco, futurism, minimalism, as well as futuristic science fiction. Such books as 1984 by Orsen Wells, Movies like: Star Wars, Blade Runner, 5th Element, Escape from LA,Total Recall, Minority Report and such and the like. We also gather a lot of ideas from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe and others. We also relish in eras of retro 80's and 90's as the reiterations of past eras return to the forefront of time as a reminiscent hommage to the past that most wish they could return to. Everything is recycled especially ideas. Nothing is original even the idea of nothing being original.
We are about the amalgam of all ideas and invest within our own imagination and the cultural pop magic gumbo of references and theories that make up this life. We believe in the future everything will be mixed up to a point where no one will remember their origin and forget their histories and events will only be myths and legends. Things will have more then one use and nothing will appear as it seems singularities will be a waste of time.
Z  E L L H A U S  is the embodiement of self expression and artistic outlook as each piece is handcrafted. We regard all works as pieces of art. A significant portion of our pieces expand on the colorful and creative. There is also a portion of us that expresses our colorful schematics and themes through materials other than paint. There is a belief at our headquarters that any and every material can represent an artistic expression and statement.
The customer is a walking gallery. We are taking out into exterior spaces beyond the gallery and the customer is an integral part of activating the piece.
Z E L L H A U S pieces are sharp, geometic, bold, differential to art theory and an amalgam of cultural references, artistic methods, and imagination.
We aim to invade the space that is current and purposely engage our customers and those surrounding them  in a quantum leap of sorts to a future imaging proposed by the designer An image can be purported of a subject matter that there is no information on until it is proven false. The future is what you want it to be until it happens.. Everyone is subject to the spectacle. As for Z E L L H A U S, the future being unknown is beneficial for the sake of art.