Refunds are distributed on a case by case basis. If an item arrives broken and is irreplaceable you may receive a refund, must provide imagery and must be claimed within 3 days of delivery.


You may also receive a refund if you are extremely dissatisfied with your purchase, however you must send it back with 3 days of delivery and all items must be in relatively good condition (unbroken and in resell-able condition). We do not send return envelopes you will not be reimbursed for returning items but you will receive a refund of your purchase once the items are received.


We distribute refunds on a set schedule.



We do allow exchanges or credits towards a future purchase.

If an item is faulty we will repair it upon provided imagery of damage or breakage via email.



        We will fix an item if it should break within the first 7 days of arrival.  Please provide imagery. We will ship another out, if the item is irreplaceable we will provide you with a refund.




        If the item arrives damaged we will replace it or refund you for that item (between delivery date and a time allowance of 3 days after) no questions asked. Just send pictures of the damaged items to for our records.



This occurs when we can not complete your order over our shipping time. We will send out all product completed. At this point you will be given the option to exchange with something in our Ready2Ship section, or you can wait for your piece to be completed and we will ship it as soon as it is completed. I'm a one woman army currently.