The Zelle Pensive: Daily Thoughts from the Designer

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    For a while I considered shutting things down indefinitely, because I was just too overwhelmed. Too tired and too behind I just didn't think I could push anymore. I got a 9-5 and proceeded to be normal, I got ample sleep and my health got better. but 3 months into it I started getting the itch back to create. The break was definitely needed super unprofessional of course, but I was about to die creatively.. doing 3000 plus orders in the span of a few months almost killed me. Time was not our friend. A break became a creative resuscitation to see what I was doing wrong (taking on too much work) and able to go in and surgically fix things: change policies, build inventory and catch up on old orders. I feel positive about moving forward.


    Newness I'm excited about, we our building our clientele, shipping times are currently speedy and precise with 1-3 days which beats our old time by a mile (weeks). Paypal will be accepted again soon.


    The refreshing comeback we seem to making shows how much our products are wanted that even through the muck and mud our customers are willing to support made me want to keep going with our work just to do it better.


    I'm finally starting to be able to create new works and I'm excited for them the detail the one of a kind-ness that I might randomly see on the street one day. it's my favorite thing is when I least expect it I see my work again one day.


    Totally enough babbling I just wanted to update you on the progress of Z E L L H A U S. We are back and doing better than ever. Slow and steady wins the race I tried to take short cuts and almost lost out on placing all together. Poco au Poco (little by little).


    Inventory is getting a little low. We are supposed to have new items out every week. We will have to skip this week and double up on new inventory to release next week. Either way I'm excited because the designs in my head I want to bring to life are awesome sauce. It's time to step away from the simpler, safer pieces we used to reopen softly. It's time to bring out the big guns. My creative juice is like the life scale in a video game and I feel like I have infinity lives right now.  We are going into spring time and I'm wondering if I should dabble in the affinity or regular-ness of a barrage of pastels? or keep it mixxy with dainty pieces and geometric pieces and mix pastels with neons to keep a hotness of pantones? Either way more releases soon everyone have a good weekend.



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